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Free Evaluation of Your Bronze Treasures

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Free Evaluation of Your Bronze Treasures

Welcome to Sébastien Sophin, your expert in art and antiques in Paris for 19 years. We are proud to offer you our free evaluation service for your precious bronze artworks.

Why Evaluate Your Bronze Works?

Bronze artworks are artistic treasures that have traversed the ages. Whether they are sculptures, figurines, or decorative objects, these pieces can have immeasurable value, both financially and sentimentally. Professional appraisal allows you to:

Know the Value:

Our expertise provides you with an accurate estimation of the value of your bronze artworks in the current market.

Preserve Your Heritage:

If you plan to pass them on to the next generation, an evaluation helps protect these precious assets.

Make Informed Decisions:

Whether you wish to sell, insure, or simply better understand your artworks, an appraisal is the starting point.

Our Evaluation Process

Our team of art experts possesses in-depth knowledge of bronze artworks, their history, provenance, and market value. Our evaluation process includes:

Thorough Examination:

We meticulously examine every detail of the artwork, including signatures, foundry marks, and stylistic features.

Comparative Research:

We compare your artwork to similar sales and collections to determine its current value.

Fair Valuation:

We provide an honest and precise valuation of the value of your bronze artwork.

Evaluate Your Treasures Today

Feel free to contact us to schedule a free evaluation of your bronze artworks. Whether you are a collector, heir, or simply curious about the value of your precious assets, we are here to assist you. Trust Sebastien Sophin to protect and enhance your artistic heritage.”