Sébastien Sophin

Antique dealer

We offer a complete estate management service, covering the valuation, inventory, storage, sale and responsible handling of inherited property, providing you with an integrated solution for managing estate affairs efficiently and with dignity.
We offer a responsible junk removal service, taking care of the valuation, removal and management of the goods you wish to release in a professional manner.
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We value your goods free of charge and take care of their professional removal and sale.
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Inheritance: the services of an antique and bric-a-brac dealer

An inheritance or retirement is always difficult for a family to manage, and requires a great deal of time. As second-hand dealers, we can take care of everything from A to Z, and when a family shares out its possessions, we can appraise and, if necessary, buy any antiques and antique objects that the family doesn't want to keep...

Junk removal: combining business with pleasure

Equipped to remove the most diverse objects from an apartment or a house, what is not offered to our customers will either be donated to charities or deposited in recycling centers and waste collection centers.

" We're experts at clearing out premises in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, and we'll move in quickly to assess the scope of the task. After an initial meeting, we'll present you with a proposal, offering you the choice between complete clearance and recovery of marketable items."

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At first glance, we see the antiques that might interest our customers. It’s through style, originality, age, craftsmanship, signature and many other criteria. And finally, it’s the resale value of an object that determines the estimate and the right purchase price, as fashions change from one year to the next.