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Asparagus Tongs in Solid Silver with the Minerve Mark: Table Treasures by Odiot

French dining is renowned for its refinement and elegance, and solid silver asparagus tongs bearing the Minerve mark perfectly exemplify this tradition. These often overlooked utensils represent a facet of luxury and culinary presentation care. Among the master silversmiths, Odiot stands out, producing asparagus tongs that are true works of art.


A Guarantee of Quality Odiot’s creations, marked with the Minerve, ensure the authenticity of French solid silver. This emblem, a symbol of quality and craftsmanship, certifies that each piece meets the most stringent standards of French jewelry.

Expertise in Asparagus Tongs In my profession as an antique dealer and expert

, assessing Odiot’s silver asparagus tongs is a specialty. Expertise in these pieces requires in-depth knowledge of marks, hallmarks, and manufacturing periods. My experience allows me to evaluate not only their silver weight but also the intricacy of their craftsmanship and historical significance.


Essential Know-How During appraisal, I consider several criteria: silver purity, the presence of the Minerve mark, the reputation of the Odiot brand, and the complexity of the designs. These elements, combined with the condition and current market demand, determine the value of each asparagus tong.

Preserving History and Value These solid silver asparagus tongs are not just serving tools;

they are pieces of history. As an antique dealer, I am committed to preserving and valuing these pieces, ensuring they are appreciated at their true worth and continue to enhance the tables of tableware enthusiasts.


The Radiance of French Heritage Odiot’s solid silver asparagus tongs with the Minerve mark and those of other illustrious silversmiths represent more than mere accessories; they are a legacy of French craftsmanship. Through my expertise, I contribute to showcasing these treasures, ensuring their radiance endures and they are recognized as an essential part of our cultural and gastronomic heritage.

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