Sébastien Sophin

Antique dealer

Arrival in Paris

This morning, I arrived in Paris with a delay. The roads were blocked due to the Olympic Games. The traffic was dense and complicated. Despite this, I remained calm.

A Surprising View of the Eiffel Tower

On the way, I saw the Eiffel Tower. Its top was hidden in the clouds. This sight was both fascinating and a bit mysterious. Paris remains beautiful, even under a grey sky.

Mission of the Day: Clearing Three Basements

Our team had a clear mission today: to clear three basements near the Louvre. This task was commissioned by a union. We quickly got to work, well-prepared and equipped.

Adhering to Sorting and Recycling Standards

We started by sorting the items. Each piece was carefully examined. We strictly adhered to sorting and recycling standards. This ensures a responsible and eco-friendly clearing process.

The Clearing Process

The clearing went smoothly. We moved the furniture and bulky items. Sorting allowed us to separate what could be recycled from what needed to be discarded. We made sure nothing was left behind.

Clearing in the Heart of Paris

Working near the Louvre is always special. The historical atmosphere of Paris adds a unique charm to our task. We completed the clearing of the basements on time.

Free Item Estimates

After clearing, we offered free estimates for the items. This is part of our comprehensive service. Valuable items can often be reused or sold. We provide an honest and accurate evaluation.

Day’s Summary

We had a productive day despite the initial challenges. The delays due to traffic jams did not hinder our mission. We respected the sorting and recycling standards. This shows our commitment to the environment.


Clearing in Paris is not always easy. Logistical challenges, like traffic, can complicate things. However, with good organization and a dedicated team, we always manage to complete our mission. If you need clearing or emptying services in Paris, consider us. We offer free estimates and adhere to ecological standards.

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