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Clearing Out an Apartment After Inheritance: Why You Should Act Quickly Before the Olympics in Paris

Clearing out an apartment after an inheritance is a complex task. In Paris, this task becomes even more urgent with the approach of the Olympic Games (JO). Traffic will be heavily disrupted. Here’s why it is crucial to act quickly and how to do it effectively.

Importance of Quick Clearing

After an inheritance, clearing out an apartment is often necessary. It allows the space to be freed for sale or rent. Additionally, it helps to turn the page after the loss of a loved one. However, in Paris, the 2024 Olympics complicate the situation. The city will be crowded, and getting around will be difficult. Therefore, it is essential to act before this major event begins.

Preparing the Clearing

The first step is to prepare the clearing. Make an inventory of items to keep, sell, or discard. Contact an antique dealer to estimate the value of old objects. This can help you recover a significant amount of money. Next, plan the logistics. Reserve moving trucks and seek help from professionals.

Contacting a Professional

Hiring a professional for apartment clearing is often the best solution. These experts know how to sort, pack, and transport items safely. They can also handle the removal of bulky objects. In Paris, there are many specialists in quick clearing. Make sure to choose a reliable and experienced company.

Waste Management

During the clearing, you will need to manage a large amount of waste. Some items can be recycled, others must be discarded. Find out about local recycling centers and bulky item collection services. A clearing professional can also handle this step. They know the regulations and appropriate disposal sites.

Traffic Disruption Due to the Olympics

The 2024 Olympics in Paris will cause major traffic disruptions. Restrictions will be put in place, complicating travel. Moves will take longer and cost more. By clearing the apartment before the event, you avoid these inconveniences. You can complete the clearing under optimal conditions.

Planning and Coordination

Good planning is essential. Set a date for the clearing well before the Olympics. Coordinate the various participants: antique dealers, movers, clearing companies. Allow for some leeway to deal with unforeseen events. The more you anticipate, the smoother the process will be.


Clearing out an apartment after an inheritance is a delicate step. In Paris, with the 2024 Olympics, it is crucial to act quickly. Prepare the clearing by making a precise inventory. Hire professionals to ensure an effective operation. Manage waste responsibly. Plan and coordinate all steps carefully. This way, you will avoid complications related to disrupted traffic. By acting now, you will greatly facilitate this task and can move forward peacefully.

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