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Bordeaux Dressers: A Sea of Treasures to Estimate

Antique Dresser Appraisal in Bordeaux: History and Value

Bordeaux Dressers: A Sea of Treasures to Estimate

In the world of antiques and decoration, Bordeaux dressers stand out as essential pieces. Renowned for their elegance and quality, they represent a real treasure for collectors and enthusiasts of period furniture. This article explores the universe of Bordeaux dressers, from their history to their estimation.

Origins and Unique Characteristics

Originating from Bordeaux, a historically rich and influential city, these dressers were created in the 18th century. They are characterized by their sophisticated shapes and delicate ornaments, often made in marquetry. Their design reflects the opulence and refinement of the era, with an attention to detail that still dazzles today.

Prestigious Materials

Bordeaux dressers are made from noble woods. Walnut, oak, and rosewood are often used, offering rich hues and grains. Marquetry, for its part, employs ivory, ebony, or brass inlays, contributing to the elegance and value of these pieces.

Estimation: A Delicate Art

The estimation of a Bordeaux dresser requires sharp expertise. Several factors must be considered: the state of preservation, authenticity, the quality of the woodwork and ornaments, as well as the rarity of the model. The most prized dressers can reach considerable sums, reflecting their history and beauty.

The Current Market

The market for Bordeaux dressers remains dynamic, attracting collectors and antiques enthusiasts. Their value can vary significantly, making each piece unique. For sellers and buyers, calling on an expert for an accurate evaluation is crucial.


Bordeaux dressers embody the history and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Their beauty, elegance, and rarity make them highly sought-after pieces. For those looking to acquire or sell, an expert valuation is essential to reveal their true value. As antique dealers, we are at your service to accompany you in this quest for authenticity and excellence.