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The Ashanti Stools of Ghana: A Precious Cultural Heritage in the World of Antiquity

Les Sièges Ashanti du Ghana

The Ashanti Stools of Ghana: A Precious Cultural Heritage in the World of Antiquity


The Ashanti stools, true artistic masterpieces from Ghana, are precious objects that bear witness to the richness of Ashanti culture. In this article, we will explore the history and significance of these stools while examining how they enrich the profession of an antique dealer.

The Art of Ashanti Stools:

Ashanti stools, also known as Akua’ba or Akua’ma, are traditional sculptures typically representing stylized human figures. These stools were once used for ritual and symbolic purposes in Ashanti society. They are intricately carved, reflecting the finesse of Ashanti craftsmanship.

The Cultural Significance of Ashanti Stools:

Ashanti stools are deeply rooted in the culture and spirituality of the Ashanti people. They were often associated with fertility and protection, used in rituals related to birth and maternity. Each stool holds a unique symbolic meaning, reflecting the beliefs and values of Ashanti society.

Ashanti Stools in the Antique Trade:

As an antique dealer, my profession involves researching, restoring, and presenting ancient and collectible objects. Ashanti stools are highly prized by collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. Their authenticity, unique aesthetics, and cultural significance make them particularly attractive in the art and collectibles market.

The Responsibility of Antique Dealers to Cultural Heritage:

Antique dealers play a crucial role in preserving the global cultural heritage. By acquiring and preserving authentic Ashanti stools, we contribute to preserving the memory and significance of these objects. This also involves documenting their provenance, history, and condition for future generations.


The Ashanti stools of Ghana are artistic and cultural treasures of great value. They embody the richness of Ashanti tradition and reflect the creativity and spirituality of this people. As an antique dealer, my profession allows me to discover and share these treasures with the world while preserving their cultural significance and artistic beauty. Ashanti stools continue to enrich our collections and inspire our passion for African history and art.